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November Nights

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

November can be such a dreary month, don’t you think? The golden part of autumn lies behind us, as does the excitement of Halloween, and the Christmas glow seems a long way off yet. When I’m faced with the long dark evenings, I like nothing better than stealing myself across the cold and rainyyard into our ceramics workshop.

Here, slabs of clay await me, alongside moulds, glazes and glass. The colours you know so well from our ceramic products and jewellery – shades of blue and green – are predominant in this space, and it brings back a feeling of summer, light and peace. So I turn on my little heater and set to work.

Often, while I’m sanding down each piece individually, or glazing homeware before its final firing, I quite forget the time, and I have spent many long evenings enjoying the meditative calm in my little pottery den.

Of course, there are other nights of hectic chaos, when a large order needs to be finalized, sometimes personalized, boxed and prepared for postage. As there’s only the two of us, and we do everything ourselves – from the first imagining of a new design over the careful handcrafting of each individual piece to the marketing and distribution of our ceramics art – those days and nights can be stressful.

But right now, as I am preparing to carry my favourite mug full of hot chocolate across the yard to spend an evening making bowls for our online shop, I only feel blessed with having something so rewarding and beautiful to spend my time with on a dreary November night.

About The Mood Designs

Situated just outside Castlebar, Co Mayo, The Mood Designs is an independent family business.

Owners Lukasz and Ella are inspired by the Wild Atlantic Way and the beautiful West of Ireland to create unique, handmade Irish gifts and jewellery. The couple design and craft their range of homeware and framed art in their traditional workshop nestled in the hills of Glenisland. To view their wide offer of ceramic products, which include personalized wedding gifts and inspirational art work for the home, visit their online gift shop

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