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Each product is designed by Ella, she makes first drawing and makes a prototype, than Lukasz look after details and makes a mold, which allows us to make larger quantities and feels market needs.


We are using slip casting technique for our wall decorations and brooches to ensure consistency of each batch. Using highest quality fine clay for luxury touch. Liquid clay stays in the mold for number of hours before we are able to work on cosmetic details.


We allow each batch to dry for a week before we can fire them under 1000 Degrees Celsius.


After first firing we can sand down each piece to ensure there is no sharp edges than we can apply glaze and glass, once this is done products go back to the kiln for final firing at 1260 degrees Celsius.


Its takes approx. 24 hours before we can take them out of the kiln and proceed to sanding and packaging.

Colours may vary as we using range of different blue shades to give each product own unique finish.

Sea range bowls.


Are made with slightly different steps, especially on the beginning.

We roll the large slabs of clay and cut purposely uneven circles, we have few size templates to keep conssitancy. Than placing slabs of clay on plaster moulds to keep them in shape as a bowl. We cut rim of the bowl intentionally uneven, as reflection of mountains, we melt glass in the middle  so the effect is little Irish scenery with sea and mountains.

The firing process it’s the same as with brooches and decorations.

We are aware that some people collecting our wall decorations as wall installations, so we ensure to add new designs into our collection every year.

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