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The Mood Designs

Ceramics imagined, designed and handcrafted in Ireland.
Inspired by Wild Atlantic Way
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Welcome to The Mood Designs


 where creativity meets craftsmanship in Castlebar, Co. Mayo!

Established in 2012, we are a passionate couple who have dedicated our lives to the art of handcrafted ceramics.


In 2022, we opened our Craft and Design studio on Ellison Street in Castlebar, where we bring our ceramic dreams to life and share our love for this art form with the community.

What We Offer:

🏺 Since 2012, we've been crafting ceramics that embody the essence of this beautiful country. Our pieces are not only appreciated locally but have also earned recognition worldwide, thanks to our signature blend of glaze and glass finish.

Irish Inspiration: Our ceramics pay homage to the natural beauty of Ireland, and each piece tells a story of this magnificent land.

Diverse Creations: From small brooches that capture the spirit of Ireland to larger bowls that reflect its rich history, and even framed pieces that bring the Irish spirit into your home, our range is as diverse as the country itself.

At The Mood Designs, we're dedicated to preserving the essence of Ireland through our unique ceramics. Join us in Castlebar, where our journey of creativity and craftsmanship continues. Explore our collection and discover Ireland's magic in every piece we create.🏺🌟

🛍️ **Craft and Design Shop:** Visit our Craft and Design shop, where we proudly offer high-quality Irish brands in pottery, glass, wood, jewelry, textiles, art prints, and more. We're committed to supporting local and Irish craft businesses.

🎨 **Ceramic Workshops:** Join us in our cozy studio for hands-on ceramic making workshops. We cater to adults, children, and families, ensuring a creative experience for everyone.

🖌️ **Paint a Pot:** Unleash your inner artist with our paint-a-pot facility. Choose a premade pottery piece, paint it to your heart's desire, and we'll take care of the glazing to make your creation shine.

🏡 **Private Bookings:** Celebrate special occasions with us! We host private events, from birthday parties to team-building activities. Contact us for personalized arrangements.

📚 **School Workshops:** Schools, we're here for you too! Get in touch to arrange exciting workshops in your school or bring a group of up to 12 students to our upstairs studio.

At The Mood Designs, our mission is to foster creativity, share our passion for ceramics, and create beautiful, lasting memories. Join us in Castlebar for a ceramic experience like no other. Contact us for more details and booking information – we can't wait to craft with you! 🎉🏺🎨

Paint a Pot_Family Fun.JPG


Introducing our captivating new experience: Paint a Pot!

Let your creativity run wild as you customise a beautiful ceramic pot with your unique designs.

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